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“I was extremely nervous handing off my macbook.”

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Bat Tech places an importance on all of it’s staff members however special mention needs to go to the key staff that head each department

Kevin Orchard – Director / IT Consultant
Kevin is the director of Bat Tech and heads our Corporate Services department. He has extensive experience in working on computers since the original Commodore 64 and playing with C Basic language on that, and experiencing first hand the rapid change and development of the Information Age. In the present day he can be found servicing, supporting, and driving IT efficiency gains for many diverse clients and tailoring solutions to suit the environmental needs. He also enjoys the challenge of managing Bat Tech as it experiences exponential growth to becoming a key player in Sydney’s crowded IT market.

Peter Persson – Computer/Electronics
Repair Technician Advanced Peter is the head of our service and repair department. He has worked in a variety of places previously and has an expanded knowledge of electronics, in addition to his IT hardware and software skills, which enable him to complete complex and advanced repairs. Peter continuously updates his knowledge of new devices that come out to market and provides training to other staff to ensure that all repairs are completed to a high quality degree around the business. Additionally, Peter’s ability to repair items down to the component level on mother boards, is a great relief and saving to customers where we can repair the laptop instead of throwing it away.

Monika Mark Graf Lee – Online Marketing & SEO Administrator
Monika is the head of Online Marketing department and orchestrates our SEO and Online Brand Management services. Monika has worked in many large SEO projects for some of Sydney’s most prominent establishments with an extremely highly respected and in demand skill set. She is continuously updating her knowledge as changes to Google, Bing, and the current Web 2.0 development continuously take effect. Monika spends her time between Sydney and Chicago where she is also our overseas correspondent to what is happening at a grass roots level on the IT front and assists us with Networking with international IT solution providers.

Matthew Elliot – Principle Consultant for Network and Information Security
Matthew has extensive experience working in large scale, corporate environments, supporting large numbers of users in Nation wide networks. His speciality from that has become network engineering and specifically tailoring his skill set to IT Security Architect. Matthew brings a large resource pool of knowledge to Bat Tech which has helped us shape our Corporate Service offerings and ensure we provide Industry Best Practice solutions. Additionally Matthew holds his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate and continues to assess the latest threats and trends in IT security.