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Email Management

In addition to our other services for Server, end user, and onsite support, we also have dedicated support options for email management. Like most businesses email likely is you main point of communications in your business for your staff and external entities.

Being such a mission critical data repository it is essential that emails are secure, backed up, with minimum downtime. We have a number of ways to manage emails whether you are a small business or a larger corporate office.

Our most popular package is Google Business Mail. With this you can synchronise your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or other compatible phone, with your computer, as well as having a full webmail interface to use. The best thing is once set up, this synchronisation happens automatically in real time. Additionally the emails are fully backed up on Google’s servers and you also enjoy the benefit of some of the world’s best anti-virus, anti-spam, and other email security scanning software as standard with your account. Also you can easily share calenders within your organisation and have full access to all your emails, folders, and archives, no matter where you are

We can assist you with migrating your current emails across and how best to use this system in your business. Call us 7 days on (02) 9037-5556 and let us help you maximise, secure, and ensure redundancy, or your critical email system.