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Dell Repairs

Dell products are most diverse from high end Servers, gaming laptops, all in one Desktops, and even the Dell Streak Phone, and we can support and repair them all.

We have been repairing Dell notebooks, laptops, and desktop computers since the very early P4s up to today’s i7 sporting gaming monsters. We have a direct and advanced knowledge of Dell systems and can provide a complete repair and support solution.

Dell Servers offer some the most advanced architecture with integrated fibre channeling, DFS and SAN devices, and more. We can support and repair Dell servers from simple IP conflict problems, to full system failures and restoration from an adequate backup plan. We offer complete Dell server maintenance, support, and repair plans.

Call us today on our 7 day help desk – (02) 9037-5556 for our complete Dell laptop, notebook, computer, and server repair and support service. We can also arrange a door to door courier if you cannot make it to our repair centre at Level 1, 551 Crown St Surry hills or complete a contact form and view full opening times by clicking here.