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Motherboard Repairs

Offering component level repairs means we can save you the expense of an entire new mainboard, and adequately locate system problems

Over many years of experience we have developed highly honed skills and customised tools to ensure we can adequately locate, repair, and test mainboard problems. Whether water has damaged a single component, or the original factory solder needs servicing, we can assist. Our success rate is extremely high and most motherboards are repaired far cheaper than the replacement costs of another board or system.

  • Over 20+ years experience of circuit and main board repairs
  • Extensive electronics knowledge
  • A fraction of replacement costs
  • All job types considered

Contact our 7 day (02) 9698-9644 support centre and let us know how we can help with your mainboard and circuitboard repairs today. If you can’t make it to our Sydney service centre you can also send in via Australia Post or we can arrange a courier for you.