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Video Games Are Art Eligible For Your Tax Dollars

Video Games Are Art Eligible For Your Tax Dollars

One individual’s Boticelli is another man’s Duke Nukem Forever. From that view of the National Endowement for Arts, they announced that “interactive games” will be one of the new media eligible for funding this week through NEA. In their Arts in Media program there’s a long list of classical music, ballet, and Shakespeare productions that have been made, they’re trying to delve into another new aspect – one that kids are into today. This involves content created for mobile phones, the World Wide Web and also content designed for gaming platforms.

The quote beauty is in the eye of the beholder has been said too many times, it’s already a cliché. If we’re talking about art, also put in the quote about one man’s trash being another person’s treasure. For some people in the video gaming world, they would like to think that video games can also be classified as an art. Although there’s still some debate about that, moves have already been made to recognize interactive games as art worthy enough for government funding.

We can now start thinking about art in light of the video games we’ve seen. There are a number of games out there today where that has graphics that can take your breath away. In some cases, it’s not too difficult to get enticed to play the game just to see how well the creators have made all the facets of it perfectly. It’s likely to get hooked with the intro of the game and end up in a dizzied frenzy from playing a game with so many colors, creativity and imagination rolled into one.

On the other hand, concerns abound about federal tax’s dollars usage on games like Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto or maybe even first person shooters. But the good news is, these kinds of games aren’t mentioned as being in the running to get the funding. It’s a sigh of relief that only those deserving are included. But this doesn’t mean that this form of games won’t find its way to the government’s funding. Getting free money for something is always a good motivator and who knows what creators will come up with.

But on the meantime, just sit back and relax and wait for these games to come out. What’s more important is that there will be great number of entertaining as well as eye-popping games and apps available to us in the very near future. The best thing about it? Great games for free! That’s right, since it’s funded by the NEA, not a single cent needs to come out of our pockets to get hold of great graphics and fun games. What’s more, the creators also get their share of the fun by getting their fat paychecks and for a change not at the expense of gamers.

Regardless if video games are forms of art or not, its still part of the running in new media that’s eligible for funding. Video game is an art thinkers out there have National Endowment for the Arts to thank and everyone can’t seem to wait for the new game openings.

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