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“I was extremely nervous handing off my macbook.”

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This company is by far the best computer repair company that I have ever dealt with. They are fast, reliable and they really know what they are doing. My computer was really slow and not reliable to use. I would get obscene pop up ads that you wouldn’t want your kids to see. After computer overhauls fixed my computer; it is running exceptionally well and faster then when I first purchased it. They have great support, are well know, and always, always tell you the truth about your computer, unlike certain other companies and like your car mechanic. My advice, bring your troubled computer or laptop to Bat Tech.


Computer Repairs Service was great. Technician fixed the problem quickly and the service was affordable. Will use again.


Kevin was very nice, fixed my computer quick & saved me a lot of time and Money.


I went in late on a Sunday night with a laptop whose display had died. The technician spent 45 min. diagnosing the problem. He came back, told me that the video card (and the rest of the logic board) needed to be replaced, but may be subject to an Apple recall. He provided me with a printout from the Apple website detailing the recall and told me that, although they could probably get the same coverage, Apple is more receptive to customers than licensed 3rd-party repair places and would probably do it faster. He directed me to the Apple store, and told me to come back if I needed a rental while it was getting fixed. In the end Apple fixed it for free in under 24 hours. Both provided great customer service.

K Stocklands LtdGoogle

I have been using Bat tech computer repairs for many years. Regardless of how small or large my problems they have given me prompt service and friendly advice.


My PowerBook G4 hard drive crashed suddenly and I lost 3 years of pictures, music, and work information…50 gigs of data was gone. I had been lazy and hadn’t backed anything up and now it was all gone forever. Apple wouldn’t help, salvage software didn’t work, and the other computer shops I talked to either wouldn’t touch it or wanted more than $2500. I saw Bat Tech’s website and send in my hard drive as a last resort and they somehow retrieved EVERY bit of data for me, and for 1/10th the price that other companies were quoting me! I now have everything back thanks to Bat tech and I can’t thank them enough…I don’t know what I would have done if I had really lost everything on that drive. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bat tech – they are nice people who know what they are doing and won’t try to rip you off.


In it’s sleep. I took it to these guys, and they diagnosed it on the spot. They gave me an accurate quote right there. My problem happened to be a recall, but, they fixed a peripheral problem for free, not to mention cleaning the keyboard and doing all…

Sarah KTrue Local

Kevin was the consummate professional when setting up the repair of my 17-inch MacBook Pro. I’d busted the LCD panel – on my birthday, no less! – and he set me up for less than 1/2 the price of the local Mac shop. The repair was absolutely top quality, and took 3 days. Since over 50% of the scientists in the biochemistry dept at UWO use Macs, I’m definitely sending them to the battech for future repair work!

Mark RGoogle

My 4 year old Dell desktop finally succumbed to some nasty viruses. Could not get the OS to fully load at all. I considered getting a new one but thought I’d try the fix first. And I’m thrilled I did. Bat tech did a fantastic quick job of bringing my system back to new and gave me some good advice on anti virus software (mind you I already had the paid AVG subscription on there! It just didn’t block the ‘stronger’ viruses) Not to mention their service was affordable. Very pleased


Bat Tech’s staff quickly diagnosed the problem and installed a new graphics card, only charging for the parts, even though the PC took over an hour of labour. I was very impressed!

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